Roost Racing, LLC


The Lula Lake Land Trust 5 Points 50/25 is Chattanooga’s Ultimate Endurance Mountain bike race. Racers will enjoy a grueling course packed with single track, climbs, downhills, rock gardens, and smooth flowy trails through the 5 Points Trail system, Lula Lake Land Trust, the Cloudland Connector Trail (including the 6.5 mile Long Branch/Nickajack section) and private property. Post race activities include camping, music, vendors, food and more.


25 Mile Race

The 25 mile option gives racers a taste of the endurance mountain bike experience. Some of the same great trails as the 50 and still an admirable challenge with 2700 ft. of elevation gain. 


Course Description

Starting from the main gate of the Lula Lake Land Trust , the race begins on pavement to thin the pack before hitting Five Points ; it then combines most of the trails in the Five Points system with multiple segments of the Cloudland Canyon Connector Trail  (CCCT).

By the time racers find themselves approaching the Nickajack Road Trailhead, they’re 35 miles into the race, have ridden about 25 miles of prime singletrack…and then the fun really starts. Those final 15 miles of the race combine several miles of trail on private property, linking the CCCT and Five Points to the trails at Lula Lake. It is through the grace of these private landowners, including the Long Branch Homeowners Association, that the race is possible (course description RootsRated).


About the 5-Points Trail System

The 5-Points trail system is comprised of purpose built, mountain bike singletrack built by SORBA Chattanooga and opened in the fall of 2011. The trails wind through a revegetated Coal Mine known as the Durham Mine that was active from about 1850 until 1922. Throughout the 1980s and 90s, this area was home to great mountain biking thanks, in part, to the vast network of motocross trails. The area closed in the late 1990s when the Drummond Coal Company sold the property at auction to Lula Lake Land Trust and other private investors. Lula Lake deeded the land to the GA State DNR with a recreational development plan that 11 years later is just beginning to be realized. The 5-Points area is accessed by two parking areas, one on GA Highway 157, a 5-Points Road and the other off Ascalon Road. Both lots are equipped with restrooms, picnic areas, changing screens and information kiosks.